April 2nd Bond Advisory Meeting: Identifies Priorities, Considers Projects

Proposed Objectives:

  • Reflecting on shared learning
  • Identifying priorities
  • Condition of schools and facilities, part 2

Summary of April 2nd meeting:

In an April 2 meeting, members of the Bond Advisory Committee identified the priorities they think are important to the students, families, staff and community members they represent. Then, they began to discuss in small groups which projects might align with or support the priorities they would like to see addressed. This was the committee’s sixth meeting out of eight.

The volunteer committee members are being asked to evaluate facility needs and cost data through active engagement to provide an informed proposal to the superintendent, who will then craft a recommendation to the School Board for consideration.

After each table group made a list of their priorities for potential bond projects or types of work they would like to see accomplished, the lists of priorities were taped around the room so the committee members could read one another’s ideas. Then, each member of the committee placed five sticky dots on the priorities that they most agree with; they could distribute them among the lists or place them all on one priority if they wished.

Examples of the priorities the small groups shared include:

  • Critical repairs, facility improvement and Clean Building Act compliance.
  • Safety and security needs.
  • Innovate at secondary level.
  • Alleviate overcrowding in the high schools.
  • Accessibility and inclusion.
  • Career opportunities in high school and middle school.

The committee heard estimates for the different types of work that might be included in the bond package, from projects that are recommended to be completed in the next six years, or all the projects that are recommended related to safety and security, or all the projects in the realm of Special Services. Other categories of possible projects included athletics and activities, early learning, innovative spaces and CTE remodeling, the next new high school and more.

The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16, at the District Administration Building. All the committee meetings are open for the public to observe. Details about the committee, meeting materials and other information about the process are available on our website.