Feb 042014

Issaquah Press – 02/04/2014

Please vote yes in favor of the school levy in February. Before I became part of the PTA, I didn’t know much about levies and didn’t really understand why they were important for me to vote in.

Now that I have two children in the Issaquah School District, I am acutely aware of the value a levy provides to every student in our district. These levies keep the basics of education flowing; they are a crucial element for funding the day to day needs of our schools.

You hear in the news about the happenings in the Legislature regarding education, and while we are hopeful that the state will increase per-student funding, these changes are still a long way from replacing the need for levies. Without the passage of the three levies, our district will have to make deep cuts that our students will feel daily.

Please take the time to vote yes for the three levies to fund education. I’m voting yes for all three levies because I know they make a difference to every person in each of our schools and benefit the community we live in. Education is the key to keeping our city prosperous!

Heather Berry, co-president

Issaquah Valley Elementary PTA

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