Dec 172013

Issaquah Press – 12/17/13

After reading that Movoto Real Estate named the city of Issaquah the top city in Washington, I couldn’t help but think that our schools are a big part of what makes Issaquah attractive.

I’ve been with the Issaquah School District for 20 years, as a speech/language pathologist and currently as the Issaquah Education Association president. I’ve worked in nine schools and now have the opportunity to visit all 25 schools when meeting with my members. This has given me a pretty good idea of what makes a great school and a great district.

First, it’s the people: educators, administrators and all the support staff working together to make the best learning environment possible. Second, our community strongly supports our schools and school personnel. Third, our students learn in buildings that are safe, healthy and modernized. Fourth, educators and students have the technology, curriculum, materials and supplies necessary to meet the high standards of our district.

The primary reason behind all these necessary elements of a great school and a great district is that our community passes our bonds and levies.

ISD will continue to hire quality teachers and support staff, maintain reasonable class sizes and provide curriculum for all learners because of the Renewal M&O Levy. ISD will be able to buy new school buses because of the Renewal School Bus Levy. ISD will be able to purchase new and repair older technology and offer professional development and online learning opportunities because of the Renewal Capital Levy.

We are able to do all this — even as the state Legislature fails to fully fund public education — because our community shows its support for public education by passing our bonds and levies. Please do so again on Feb. 11. Vote “yes” three times!

Phyllis Runyon, president

Issaquah Education Association

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