Passing the Issaquah School District Bond – What Does It Take? (Part 2)

Last month we gave you some percentages when it comes to passing the bond.  This month we are giving you some more numbers that affect the passing of the bond on April 17, 2012.

40% of the registered voters will actually vote in this special election on April 17, 2012.  That means only 5,374 parents will vote!  It is imperative that the remaining 60% of registered voters actually vote on this bond.

60%+1 is the percentage of YES votes needed to pass this bond.  Per state law, this is a supermajority.

13, 434 is the actual number of YES votes needed to actually pass the bond.  There are a total of 55,000 registered voters, and we need 13, 434 of those voters to agree that passing this bond is what is best for all of Issaquah School District.

$100,000 is how much it costs the school district to run an issue on the ballot.  The school district must pay King County for this special election, and if the bond does not pass on April 17, 2012 the ISD must pay the $100,000 again to have the issue put on another ballot.  This additional money is not budgeted and would have to be taken from existing ISD programs.

How can you ensure that this bond passes?  Endorse the bond.  Donate money to the campaign.  Sign up to help with the campaign when asked.  Talk to your friends and neighbors about the benefits of passing the bond, and make sure they are all registered to vote.


For more information about the bond package go to:

To register to vote go to:

For more information on VIS (Volunteers for Issaquah Schools – the campaign committee), to donate to the campaign, and to volunteer to help go to: